UH5 – packaging media is a joint venture investing in and managing of small medium sized enterprises within manufacturing and supply of products not for resale to retail as well as to food producing business.

The joint venture use own funding exceeding values of more than 20 mill. €, as well as access to more than triple of own funding for investing in business such as:


Flexible packaging of own manufacturing – the core of UH5 - Packaging Media

  • The area of focus is; Denmark, Northern Germany, Sweden and Norway

  • Materials such as Paper, Film and Foil

  • Companies with an annual revenue between 9 mill € and 15 mill. € is in focus 


Paper carrier bags and bread bags

  • The paper bags are produced by one of the joint venture partners

  • The carrier bags is and can be designed for all kind of retail businesses

  • Bread bags can be designed and produced individually with and without windows

  • All paper is recycled 


Sign system (signs etc.) Systems for use in-store retail and food industry, with a wide range

  • Sign system products is manufactured all around the world and high quality in design and durability

  • Shelf information systems including electronic price information

  • Campaign banners

  • In-store merchandising


Dissemination of advertisements on receipts

  • As a retailer, the cash receipt is an obligation and a cost

  • UH5 – Packaging Media offer the retail the receipt roll for free, in return of getting access to use the backside for advertising

  • Four campaigns a year, no interest of conflict with own business, in contrary increase interest in getting the receipt.

  • Converting, printing and design of the roll is done in cooperation with best in class manufacturer in Europe