Investment, support and coaching of start-ups and small enterprises within;




Food Specialties – clustering in the area of Northeastern Fün.

  • Investing, support and coaching of small local producers / farmers of high quality ecological food.

  • Predominately sold on the farm and in unique specialty stores.

  • It is funded with own assets as well as foreign funding’s.

  • The range of specialties goes from fruit, vegetables to meat and poultry as well as ice-cream


Any initiatives who can live up to the criteria’s are welcome.  

Our aim is to gather selected producers in a food cluster brand and market it in selected stores in Denmark, as well as in Northern Germany.


None-human social media

  • Creating of social media apps not direct human related

  • Among developments, undergoing the progress is pet related apps.


UH5 business startup works with own funding as well as funding through an extended selected network.