It is not consulting – it is coaching.

In any business, it is clearly defined what role the board of directors have and clearly defined what role the CEO and/or owner have.

However, it is not clear who are coaching the CEO/Owner in his daily challenges.

The CEO/Owner coach his employees, reports to his board, get advice from the board as well, but who challenge him.


UH5 - Coaching does not run your business or tells you how to run your business, but we coach you, give you challenges and support you on areas where you have weakness and emphasize your strengths.

You are in the seat because you are the best, but over time, you lose your abilities if you are not well coached.


Every elite athlete has a coach, one who can see the weak spot and mostly the strong points and develop those strong points to become even stronger.

The coach also make sure that the athlete can focus on what he’s good at and let others take care of the rest.


UH5 - Coaching, coach you to improve and strengthen your business or to bring your business back on track if it have lost its focus.

UH5 - Coaching, coach you in individual cases as well as on a full process.


Individual Coach                        
  • Management coaching               

  • Board coaching           

  • Departmental Strategy

  • Branding/Positioning


Management/CEO Coaching:

  • Your everyday life is filled with challenges and for whatever reason you sometime lose the overview of where you are heading and need someone to spar with. You do not feel you can get the right sparing in the leader’s network you are part of or that this is part of your sparing with the board, -  that is where UH5 – coaching appears.

  • UH5 - coaching model is not a “get in fast – change – disappear” model but coaching as a running process, not less than 12 month. We make an arrangement were we meet e.g. once a week for a couple of hours to listen, challenge, guide, initiate action plans and make follow up, with the MD/CEO or the management team. Beside the meetings, we coach you on issues where you need third part insights or like and if needed analyzes, plans etc. all on your behalf.

  • Our fee is a monthly fee, all depending on the extent of meetings per month, so you could look at this as extra source to your management team without the high cost and risk by having a similar service employed.


Board Coaching

  • Many owner-managed companies have a membership of the board consisting of family members and the familiar lawyer, which for all reason can be a good combination and for the owner the most comfortable solution.

  • But also for obvious reason, the family and or the family lawyer doesn’t really know the daily challenge the owner is facing and “know” best, why critical and or challenging issues isn’t brought to the table in right context.

  • UH5 – coaching for owner-managed companies’ board, is not to become a member of the board, but to coach the owner-manager on individual basis and with the board for a period of not less than 12 month. We coach on same basis as for Management/CEO coaching but on top of that, we attend all board meetings within the time we are assigned.

  • Our fee is a monthly fee, all depending on the extent of owner meetings per month. What you get is an extra source for a period of time, not only as sparing in the daily challenge as manager but also in the board and that’s all without the high cost and risk by having a similar service employed.



Departmental strategy:

  • This could e.g. be your purchase strategy where you need to get more value for money and finding new tools for reducing purchase prices, or it could be the logistic department, where your transport cost has increase and you need to lower the cost. Those are cost driven assignments but it could also be a department strategy where you actually are facing challenges on an employee matter and need “new set-up”.

  • Your fee is a small fixed startup fee and a fee depending on the savings or increased margin created. In the example of a purchase strategy where the aim are to make substantial savings the fee model is based on no cure no pay model, meaning there are no variable fee to be paid if there hasn’t been proven any savings.





Strategic development ...we call it:  Hey where are we going?

Strategy check ...we call it:  Your obligation our support

Turnaround ...we call it:  Oh, my god – to - thanks god it is over

Sale of company ...we call it:  make you gorgeous – dress up